Tuesday, 9 February 2010

there's only one way to express our feelings

hey,peeps.hmm,nowdays,im kinda not in the mood.im kinda being an emo girl.idk why n idk how to make me feel more cheerful again.i dont have any appetite to eat n im easy to get mad at people.hmm,can u guys give me any idea?

okay,schl quite fun n quite bored sometimes.erm,the most moment that i will never forget before going to mrsm is i accly talk to my crush.i mean not talk bout our personal thing but only talk simple thing je.but,terkedu lidah jugak tau nak cakap dengan dia.haha.hmm,i wish i can talk with him everyday n everytime.haha.but,ning meera like my crush too.argh!why my own friend?nampaknya bermadu la kita ye ning meera.haha

oh,just now i watch tari tirana n i accidentally cry.haha.sedih gila kot.n maybe the most sad story that i watch ever la kot.maybe.cant recall the other sad story la.

erm,im too lazy to make my mum's blog.there's a lot of work,man.n my mum start to membebel everyday because im not doing anything on her blog.hmm,idk how bila masuk asrama nanti.kene ajar dulu ni.haha

okay,thats all for now.short post for tday since im kinda thinking what to talk bout my oral test.hmm,maybe talk nout seventeen makeover party or maybe my sanctuary.dont know yet.bye n have a great night.

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