Monday, 15 February 2010

i love sexy

hey,hey,hey.accly i've nothing to blog idea at all.erm,let me think this wednesday i will be going to so sad.really sad.i hate to leave all that i love.

im not packing anything yet.yeah,lambat sangat kan minah ni.haha.but,im too lazy to pack.i want my mum to pack for me.mummy,help me please.haha.macam baby je.haha.

okay,tmrw lepak with my friends kat aladin.cant wait.seriously.x sbr gile nk jmpe korunk.n tmrw i want to eat a la nnt rindu plk kan.haha.

okay,i think thats all for now.boring la.n i dont have any idea right now but gatal sangat nak blog kan.haha.oh,n my brother pun nak balik.n he will be using this com.better get hurry before he come back home.daa.

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