Monday, 15 February 2010

im waiting for you on the corner of the street

morning,guys.yeah,tday i can online at my brother's brother not here tday.he's sleeping at my cousin's for the previous post i told u guys that i want to tell bout yesterday,okay.let me tell u may be boring.x de gempak2 pun.haha.

so wakeup at 10 am.n everybody had wake up except me.even my brother n his friends pun dah bangun.yes,i love to waking up late.anak dara bangun lambat sangat bagus.haha.then,breakfast n my dad said,okay jom pergi melawat makcik lela.get ready n then pergila melawat.

then,sampai.duduk,makan,solat semua kat sana.yeah,we arrived there at 1pm n went back at 8pm.lama,right.nasib baik there's a lot of dapat jugakla duduk.then,around 5pm tu my dad ajak makan lunch at restoran haslam where its just stone throw from the ondaway nak pergi tu there's crazy man or lebih senang orang nak faham orang gila.yeah.a lot of orang gila ada kat sana.n it really frightened me n zaf.gila takutla.

so ate nasi lemak n roti bakar there.nasi lemak dia bolehla tahan but i really like the roti bakar.sedapla.n we sat opposite to dr mum like,wafa tu kenal x sape.n i was like,sape ibu.n bile tengok betul2 barulah i know that is dr asri.

then,balik to hospital.oh,yeah.i forgot to tell u guys that sebelum makan tu kak nana's family came.n she got a brother that same age with me.n zaf pulak asked me whether i like her brother or not.sorry,zaf.i x minat.haha.i rasa u maybe sesuai kot dengan adik kak nana tu.haha.

then,around 8pm went back but before that went to been so long x pergi pavi.the aim is to buy bought two shirts there n my dad also bought shirt there too.gatal betul ayah nak beli ayah pun nak beli.then,i want to go to cotton on but its already closed.this because lama sangat pilih baju at jaspal.then,bought atiqah's n shaz's present siap2.cant tell bout the present afraid if they read my blog n dapat tahu.haha.

then,balik la rumah.thats all the activities for yesterday.boring right.oh,ya.zaf.i know u expecting me to buy cotton on for ur burpday.just wait n see zaf.there's 29 days to go before ur burpday.lama lagi la.haha.


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