Friday, 12 February 2010

i cant fight it anymore

hey,hey watching papadom right now at my mum's room.i already watched this movie before with my friends.this movie was awesome.really good.haha.

im kinda bored right one is online on ms.n no one is online on i dont have anyone to chat with me.hmm,i want to hangout with my friends before i will be going to mrsm but when hah?hmm,this sunday nak x korang kat sunway.aku blanja tgk wayang nak?

oh,i dont even pack anything parents dah marah gila.but,nah.tmrw la.i want to relax my mind first.hmm,just now went to kedai gambar eedah to take passport photos.n guess photos looks so ugly.eww.idk how to do now.thats pic will be ude to make id card for mrsm.oh my,now people will see that im an ugly person.haha.nak tukar la gambar tu.

oh, someone.jgn berlagak sgt boleh x.ko tu bajet handsome sgt eh.but perangai ko tu x blh blah lgsg.mengutuk n maki hamun org sikap ko no 1 kan.nak hina2 org plk.cermin diri sendiri dulu blh x?ko igt rmi sgt nk ske kat ko.ego punye tinggi.sama je mcm sorang bdk tu.aku hrp la ko n budak tu berubah jadi baik kan.harap sgt.
okay,till dad want to use this comp.bye.

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