Thursday, 4 February 2010

go on and find someone nicer than me

oh oh,im in love with webcam now.haha
morning,guys.haha.its 12.01 am right now.i couldnt sleep yet since i've already slept this evening.i slept around 5.30pm and woke up nout,lama kan.haha.erm,right now im waiting for my dad to come home since everybody already sleep n im the one who still not sleep yet.

okay,just now i went for bio tuition n im still couldnt understand wht the teacher said.yeah,lembab sangat kan.i thought bio are so easy n just hafal-ing je but im totally wrong.if hafal pun but i still couldnt understand.idk why this happening to year im already gonna to take spm n now in form 4 nak main2 plk n not revise anything yet.i bet u guys said that form 4 is a honeymoon year but not for me since i want to get better grades in my spm.i dont want to be regret like when im in form 3.i want to focus on my studies.yay,i know sounds like nerd right.haha.cakap je lebih but dekat sklh x bagi tumpuan.haha.yes,its really true.only certain subjects i really focus on since the other subjects so boring and the teachers like boring.haha.

okay,move on.accly,nowdays im not in the mood for myspace-ing.idk why.myspace so boring.n idk who i want to cmmnt with since everybody focus on facebook now.i dont want to make facebook since im too lazy to make one eventhough i knw its really easy to make one.everybody keep on asking me whether i have facebook or not."wafa,do u have facebook?"oh,please dont ask me that questions again.x larat dah nak jawab.

oh,gtgt dad just come bach home.daa..

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