Sunday, 14 February 2010


love u always,t
happy burpday to u,

happy burpday to u,

happy burpday to atiqah,

haaappy burpday to u.

happy 16th burpday atiqah.u r now officially sweet 16 babe.haha.n u r my kakak now.haha.may all ur wish come true.hope this new year will bring luck for u.n i hope we will be darlings forever.have a nice n wonderful burpday.oh,n happy valentine's day n happy chinese new year to u day three celebration.ada ong ma.haha.good luck in ur life n always remember me,darl.imy n ily to u.

oh,to the chinese,happy chinese new year.n to all the couples,happy valentine's day.sorry this year i didnt celebrate cause im a single lady.haha.i celebrate valentine's with my family only.haha.

okay,till post i will tell u bout tday.gotta do my mum blog now or she will get mad.

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