Sunday, 7 February 2010

you are the one who makes me cry every night

hello,guys.accly i want to sleep now since my eyes cant really open.but,hell yeah.i still want to blog.haha.okay,tday was freakin tired again.since im will be going to asrama so everything must be settled by this week before cny cause nnt cina x ada maa.haha.went to ioi with mum to buy all of my stuff again.haha

erm,tmrw KRIS ALLEN gonna be in mid valley.arggghhhh,argggghhh,arggghhh.i want to go but my mum wont let me go.sigh,i really want to go.did u guys have any idea to pujuk my mum?haha.okay,nvm,maybe next time he can come back to malaysia,right kris allen.haha.come again yaw when im 18.hahaha.mengarut.

there's only bout 1 week left before im going to mrsm.sigh,im gonna miss my family,darls n most important thing is my blog.haha.i cant update my blog like usually dah.bila balik cuti je baru blh update.but,nvm.i hope that schl can give us to online.bru la gempak kan.haha

oh,okay.i think thats all for eyes makin layu n makin nak tertutup dah.sorry if i have any spelling mistakes since i hentam je tulis.

oh,before not a faker n even a lier.this is who i really am,u knw.if u dont believe in me,just check it out at my house.then,u will knw who i really am.n i hate stalker like u eventhough i like to stalk other people too.haha.oh,dont mess around with me or u will knw what i'll do next.

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