Monday, 8 February 2010

i started believing that i could be wrong

hey,guys.urgh,tday im kinda not in the mood.idk why.maybe because of the gastric pain.yeah,i only eat 3 pieces of nuggets this morning n a lil bit of rice this evening.maybe 2 or 3 mulut je nasi.hmm,idk la why i became like this.i have no appetite at all.maybe im too nervous to go to mrsm next week.maybe.

erm,add math was really hard.n my brother bagi hilangkan my calculator.urgh,faris.cari sampai jumpa balik!!!currently im studying add math the whole day but still not so so understand completely.i want to ask my parents but they forgot how the formula n how to do that.oh,i need a private tutor but what week im gonna be in mrsm,right.

oh,this evening i slept for 3 studying add math while sleeping.haha.this because im too tired fikir add math kot.erm,i wish my brain like zhong zheng or like teacher.baru best kan.every add math question dapat jawab.oh god,please help me.i really dont know how to do.some questions je tahu but yang lain yang berlambak tak tahu.haha.

erm,i hate to go to school tmrw.there's double period of bi n last skali pulak tuh.oh my,i wish teacher didnt come tmrw.if not,there will be a lot of hw n maybe essay kot tmrw.urgh,i hate essay.but, mum will mad at me if i didnt go to school is important,babe.really important.whether if u will be shifting to another school pun still kene datang schl jgk kan.wafa,this week only u will be at smk week dah tak ada kan.if i didnt go,x dapatla nak usha k n a esok.haha.

oh,tday kriss allen come to malaysia n right now maybe he's at the garden to perform something or else.idk know.haha.hmm,i wish i can go tadi dekat mid valley.if im already 18,i can drive car then meet him at mid valley with my friends.why malaysia buat undang2 only 17 years n above baru boleh ambil lesen?why not 16 like the other countries?why?

okay,its nearly 11 pm.gotta study add math then sleep.kinda sleepy accly.haha.bye.

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