Friday, 26 February 2010

im not 100% sure about it

hello.kinda boring n sleepy accly.but still want to write blog.haha.erm,i've tons of hw to do but im so lazy to do it.but,im now a mrsm must work harder n harder till get 4 flat.brula bgs,everybody too lazy to update their blog.they're more to tumblr now.sorry,but idk how to use tumblr.haha.

okay,i want to talk bout my new class,413 really sporting.i mean the people la.they always make me laugh.i have a lot of good friends that help me when im in bad situation or girlfriends are shahirah or rah,fiza,fadilah,ida,aqilah,farisha,razin,nad,elia,hani,amirah n faqihah.i sat next to ida,budak lps ni maybe blajar kelate dgn die kot.haha.n lps ni jgn terkejut plk if i dh blh ckp kelate.haha.

okay,so guyfriends plk,ashraf,faiz,haziq,haziq aiman,amirul,putera,irsyad,syahin,izzat n lots more.sorry.cant recall ur name.sorry.they good,nice n sometimes quiet fun.slalu kacau.haha.

teachers plk okay.all of them really good.there's only one teacher for each sorang cg x blh pgg 2 subject n lebih.berbeza dgn kerajaan kan.haha.overall mmg okayla.

oh,n i jdi bendahari dlm class.cant believe it.haha.first time dpt pegang jwtn mcm tu.haha.but,dh org undikan.terima je la.x nk kecikkan hati kwn2.haha.x bleh blah ayt.haha.

so tmrw maybe pg jalan tar cri tudung n brg semua then ptg pg lepak kat aladin lg.our fave hotspot utk lepak.n x taula nk mkn ape dkt aladin since boring mkn mee je.any idea that can u guys share with me?cant wait for tmrw.haha.mcm la sebulan x jmpe derong kan.haha.

okay,gtg.really sleepy.dkt sne x ckp tido la.oh,dont forget to formspring me.haha.bru buat je.goodnight,guys

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