Thursday, 11 February 2010

there's only one wish left

hello,there.hmm,accly i dont have any mood for blogging but idk my hands gatal sangat nak taip ni.haha.erm,tmrw will be the last day for me at s4.oh my,idk how to describe my feelings now.i feel sad but my tears dont want to come out.idk why.

tmrw,i will be leaving my friends,my crush,my teachers n my schl behind.almost 4 years i've been in that schl n there's a lot of memories that i will never forget.sometimes,i want to leave from that schl but tday i feel like i dont want to leave that schl.sigh,its for my future.x baik tolak rezeki.haha.

to all my friends,im really sorry for all that i've done before n hope u guys got boarding schl too.ooh,n goodluck for ur monthly test!n dont forget me.haha.

oh,i better offline kinda doing some suprises for my friends before i leave them.wait for it,guys.haha.daa.

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