Wednesday, 3 February 2010

every man is the same,nothing different between them just got back from schl an hour ago.nowdays,schl so boring,i mean really boring.without shazana n hazwani around,schl getting bored n bored n so lazy to go to schl but i have to since i will going to mrsm n must compete with the others students.

oh,ustaz.we're not social people,okay.if im a social person,how can i got A for agama,ustaz.n if im a social person,how can i've been chosen to go to mrsm.haish,maybe ustaz dont really know bout us.i know im wrong since im not concentrate when u r teaching n never n ever do ur hw.haha.but that does not meant im a social person.duh,u cant even know whether the person are social or baik jangan tuduh org please,dont judge a book by its cover.i really hate it.

oh,thank god miss singam did not gave us any hw tday.yay!tday got less hw.haha.okay,stop acting like a child,wafa.okay,gtg.i want to take a nap right sleepy.

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