Wednesday, 10 February 2010

finally i've got a chance to talk with you

morning,guys.its already 12.00 am.n im still not going to sleep yet.haha.i've already sleep this evening so x mengantuk lagi.

erm,i think short post for kinda bored here but idk what to talk.oh,lest start with schl.yeah,schl quiet awesome.i mean than the others day la.oh,miss singam dont call my name to do the oral test yet.yeah,lepas i will do my oral test at my new schl.i hope i will be getting high marks there since miss singam quiet srict n kedekut marks.haha.

oh,n tday i've got oranges from shaz n kelvin.thx,guys.n tday i also got a bouquet of lollipops from luqman.thx,luqman.

okay, mum babbling at me because still online n not going to sleep yet.oh,shit.someone is playing mercun right now.tengah2 malam pun nak main.haiyaa.bikin susah org mau tido maa.okay,bye.

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