Thursday, 4 February 2010

i knew i wouldnt forget you

hey!oh,tday at schl quite fun.hanis n i like crazy person.laugh here n there.i mean we laugh a lot tday than the others day.oh,n we even asked merepek-ing question to anyone.haha.crazy right.oh, n the funny moment tday is teacher asked us who have been to japan n emelyn quickly angt tangan.n all of the pupils in the class laugh at her including us.haha.she's a nerd n lurus bendul person.thats why we laugh.haha.aww,pity her.but she's already use to it.everybody loves to bulying her including me n hanis.

erm,tday i didnt go to bi tuition since my mum asked to accompany her to mosque.yeah,no tuition n less hw.haha.

okay,i think short post for tday since dah bunyi guruh.its gonna be rain.bye,guys.

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