Sunday, 10 January 2010

sometimes i hate you but sometimes i love you

heello, sorry for the late too lazy and also i dont have enough time.hmm,first week of school kinda fun n this week also i laugh a lot.yeah,my friends already same class with me so everyday we must laugh a lot.sampai satu kelas boleh dengar.i wish darling atiqah same class with us.mesti lagi gelak besar punya.

okay,change topic.last 3 days my dad,my mum n i just talking bout my eldest brother.they said,now my eldest brother start to kurang ajar with them like tinggikan suara n others.then,they also said that im also kurang ajar with them n lagi teruk daripada my brother.hhmm,i've already do what they want n what they asked.but unfortunately they have just said that im more kurang ajar to them than my brother.i cried every night before i go to just too sad.idk why they said like that to me.but,i redha.i think they love my eldest brother more than me.sigh.maybe this new year will be new me.

hmm,lets move on.this year kementerian change our bm n bi novels.n this year the novel more interesting more to teenage novel.i really really love the novel.the one that i love more is bm novel call 'papa'.this novel really interesting n fun to read.n im also cried when reading this touch my feeling.i suggest to the form 4 that u guys must read this novel.rugi kalau tak baca.

i think thats all for now.see u guys later.

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