Sunday, 31 January 2010

my head turn round and round

my face look really pale.haha

hey,hi n hola guys.its already late now but im not so sleepy currently using my mum laptop right,hey.i've just got back from my cousin's visiting my uncle there.oh,zaf.sorry for not giving u my new url.sorry.dont get mad.haha.nanti cepat tua la.okay,this evening my family n i went to uncle abu house.ada birthday party for his lil son.n auntie su masak all the food.n the food there all really delicious.if i live there of course i will getting fatter n fatter n fatter since the food really really delicious.from pie to pizza to fried rice.semua sedap gila.thx auntie su for the delicious dish.

oh,tmrw my brother will be in kl.i mean tday since its already 12.36 am.yay!but he will not coming home since he has rugby tournament.oh,faris if u read this,i just wanna say goodluck.hope u guys win again like last year.erm,idk yet whether to watch my brother playing rugby or not since i have a lot of hw to do.tuition lagi.oh,n my add math also not finish yet n it really killing me.n miss singam asked us to find bout indian lagi.urgh,so lot of hw.maybe im not going tmrw kot.

okay,gtg.i wanna go to sleep now.everybody is sleeping n left me in the living hall.oh,not downstair but upstair since my living hall is upstair.okay,bye.

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