Monday, 18 January 2010

hey,guys.just got back from latihan road,im freakin tired hell.dah la setahun x lari pastu terus nak the result is my stomach really2 pain right now.macam nak pecah je.but,it was really fun.its been so long x libatkan diri dalam aktiviti sklh.this year,the road run will be more longer than last year.n this year also masuk kwsn,yeah.dapat jugak usha orang lain.haha.then,lalu rumah shazana n jerit nama die la but dia x dengar,nvm.maybe she's busy kot.

so tday for the first time after 4 years in sms4bk,i finally pinjam buku before this x pernah pinjam langsung n x teringin nak pinjam since i've a lot of books at home yang x bersentuh lagi.haha.i pinjam pun because of miss singam.she want us to do book review so she asked us to borrow a book at terpaksala borrow.

oh,tday also i register for tuition at meridien.yeah,finally dapat jugak tuition cause i didnt get any offer to sbp so my mum said just tuition je,hanis.wait for me,ya.okay,i gtg now.its 7.16pm.nak solat n get ready for tuition.daa everyone.

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