Sunday, 3 January 2010

sometimes the heart sees what is invisible

heeyy,tmrw school will start n im not ready for pens,pencil n my books smua x buy lagi.i think kene tggu for next week baru beli new ones.erm,i wish i could rewind back my memories in 09.i think 09 is the best year ever n i hope this year will be a looottt n looottt better than last year.last year i've already got wht i want like get straight a's in pmr,pg cheer comp,pg fly fm n i hope this year i can get wht i want like slr camera,new phone,new friends n new school.erm,this year i will be turning to sweet 16 so i hope i could make a birthday party at red box.i hope so la.okay,lets change another topic.last friday,my friends n i went to pizza hut to celebrate our achievement in pmr.n i belanja them since im afraid that we will be not see again each other for maybe next we ate a lot.order macam2 smpi perut dah buncit.haha.n we laugh a lot n a la,its been so long x gelak sama2 n sit together n gossip together.i wish hanis n shaz datang.lagi happening we all tangkap gbr,gossip here n there,makan macam x ingat dunia lagi.i think macam pizza hut tu kiteorg yg punya.about 1 pm bru balik rumah msg2.sigh,i wish i could rewind back that time.mesti syok.hmm,now i miss a lot of people.

1.darling hanis

2.darling shazana

3.darling atiqah

4.darling hazwani

5.darling shaz

7.farihin n syazmeera

8.schoolmates cousin's family


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