Sunday, 31 January 2010

listen to me not her

hey, february is coming.haha.i love february.haha.okay,accly im not in the mood for blogging.idk why but im kinda moody tday.maybe because of add math.haha.ya,as i told u bfr,add math make me crazy right.haha.

okay,tday got grammy award but i cant watch it since i go to school.i hope taylor swift win the kinda admire taylor swift right now.i hope i can skip school tmrw.oh,yg ddk wilayah mesti best kan cause they are on holiday tmrw.why selangor x cuti ni.haha.i want to watch the grammy award.n tmrw i will come back home late since form 4 n form 5 habis sklh pkl 1.50 pm.oh,i wish tmrw i can come home early,theres a lot of wish,wafa.haha.

okay,i think its already late sleepy but my lil sis still jaga lagi.okay,gtg.night.

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