Wednesday, 27 January 2010

i never thought i had a fight with you

halo,bloggers.ya,i know its late already but duh,wht do i care.its my own blog la.okay,move on.hey,i've just apologised to him just now.n now we are 0-0.nobody win n nobody lose.haha.oh,n thx to darling hanis for answering his call tdi eventhough kene marah dengan him.anyway,thx so much darl.okay,i dont want to talk bout the fight anymoore since i hate u guys already knows i've been through a lot of fight during,right now.i think i want to stop fighting with anyone cause it makes my head round n round.

oh,miss singam just asked us to do our ulbs randomly without hafal-ing anything.urgh,i know im not soo good in english n im really nervous cause she's very strict.i hate speaking in front of the class since im a shy girl.haha.but i think i should give a try.we learn from our mistake, why not we should give a try.miss singam asked us to talk bout races,i think so la.n i think im gonna to talk bout indian.haha.i think its easy than chinese.okay okay,move on.

oh,im totally forgot to do my add math.i better do it now or pn lee will mad.add math makes me like squezzing my brain to find the answer.oh,im totally gonna be dead tmrw since its a lot.okay,calm wafa.just tiru orang je nanti.haha.oh,i've just remember bout i think a phrase or maybe not."dont say dead before u try" n i saw this at bio lab or physics.cant remeber.its totally true.haha.everybody including me will say 'matilah' when they found a tough questions.its true right.haha.

tmrw i will be fasting.yeaahh!eventhough i hate fasting but half of my friends are fasting so i think i wanna join them.okay,better go n finish my hw n get sleep now or tmrw x dapatla den nak bgn sahur.haha.night2 everyone.

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