Tuesday, 26 January 2010

im gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well

good evening,bloggers.oh,i really miss 3 tekun a lot.yeah,u've guys must be wondering why i miss 3t.when in 3t,the teachers was superb tmbh2 lagi cg yusshida.the class was happening.friends yang caring n always make me laugh.the hw lesser than form 4.the subjects are easier than form 4.and thats why i love being in 3t.

now in f4 theres a lot of hw.theres a lot of subjects yang kene hafal.the teachers not so good n not so bad.n two of my friends will be going to sbp next week.but yang bestnya f4 is dapat balik awal.haha.isnt that good?

oh,my mum ask me to do her blog.im like wht?ibu nk buat blog jugak.haha.but shes not telling bout her stories at her blog just she want to sell telekung je.oh,im kinda not in the good mood right now.its because of him.i keep repeating listening to white horse.i've already told u before right?oh,cant wait this 1st february.gtg,bye.

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