Sunday, 3 January 2010

i feel like im the one who makes you cry

heellloo,,i've just read all of my friends' blog n 90% of them wrote bout school.yeah,school will start tmrw n the tmrw i will be bored if my friends are not same class with me.i miss them a looottt.

okay,skip that part since i already told bout school last,im gonna told u guys bout yesterday.yesterday,my family n i went to pavilion.the aim go there is to buy my new school bag.we split into two,me,my mum n my sis went to esprit n the others went to cari bag at esprit since itu je tempat bag yang agak buy one but this new bag quite pendek but besar than last year punya.then,pergi round round kejap since my mum wanted to buy new watch n dress.after that,masuk cotton favourite place for shopping.haha.ramai gile orang dekat cotton on and orang pun berebut baju la.kelakar.takat baju pun nak berebut.haha.then,ada this chinese from indonesia borong cotton on belambak gile sampai mak die marahkan die.yeah,i've already got what i want at cotton on.i've just bought new cardi n lepas ni if keluar je nak pakai cardi je la.

then,lepas habis shopping at pavilion we went to eat at an arabian restaurant at lorong damai.accly,i dont know whts the restaurant soorrry guys.the food was very delicious n rindu gile makan dekat sini.i ate a looott here.makan smpi dua pinggan cause it sooo n soo delicios.the service also good walaupun ikmal asyik tendang mat arab tu je.haha.then,after makan semua me,zaf n ainaa main dengan our guyfriend one is akim vacuum since i minat akim.n zaf pulak nihilos n ainaa pulak miza.haha,so fun.laugh here n there n we all siap tiru lagi orang sebelah gelak cause orang sebelah ni gelak kuat sangat.then,balik rumah n terus tidur.

n i think thats all for now.maybe after this i will rarely blogging cause of the school.n to meor,sorry kacau u tgk so sorry.urgh,tmrw school will start!i wish i can skip school tmrw since im still in holiday mood.okay,bloggers.bye,see u later.

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