Sunday, 17 January 2010

please dont stop the music

morning, accly im hungry right now.nthg to eat cause all of my family went to taman n my mum also didnt cook this,hey.i dont want to be sad anymore.maybe there's no luck for me at sbp n im currently waiting for mrsm.there's a lot of intake no need to worry, today im sick.demam,selsema n batuk.i hate that.dah la tmrw got latihan road run.i really2 want to go to latihan road run.nak kurus la if im really sick maybe i will not going to latihan road run.

yesterday,went to subang parade.the aim is to buy my slr camera.but i didnt bought it yet since i will think it first whether to buy canon or nikon.hmm,my dad suggested me to buy canon eos1000d cause it cheaper n there are a loott of functions than nikon d3000.yesterday nikon d3000 had no stock so i cant compare both,i've just to wait next week or maybe next two weeks till the stock come.but,nvm.i think i want to buy canon eos 1000d.i've already read the camera review in the internet n it way better than has live view,the colour more better n it cheaper too.not too cheap.but it cost only rm2100++.n nikon d3000 cost rm2399,i thinkso after this,i would like to be schl photographer.haha.

then,we went to makcik lela's house aka my cousin's house since makngah jah n kak ita kiranya melawat la before makngah jah n kak ita went back to pinang.zafirah ada tunjuk some pictures from the internet.n one of them is kulit jari terputus akibat cincin tersekat ketika main boling.ouch,it seem really2 hurts a lot.i really2 afraid to play boling anymore.then,eat dinner that kak wini had the air asam that makngah jah buat.yummy,its really2 delicious.oh,im craving air asam n ikan bakar now.haha.

after that,we watch laskar pelangi.this story is from indonesia n its based from the novel 'laskar pelangi'.the story really2 good n i reall2 love i know why this story won anugerah apa ntah.cant remember.then,balik rumah n sekali lagi x dapat jumpa aira n kak linda.

so thats all for now.gtg to take a bath.haha.

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