Monday, 25 January 2010

i was a dreamer before you went and let me down

heey,hi n hello guys.i know its late already. but wht do i care bout it.i've just love blogging when im sad or when im hey,i've already told u guys before that if someone mess up with me i will balas balik please dont mess up with me,okay.

so just now i've got tuition for chemist n physic.hanis n i cme dgr teacher ckp sparuh je n yg lain asyik sembang smpi x igt dunia.msg with him at tuition.n im asking him whether his friend single or not.if single blh la msk look like desperate sgt.haha.but,wht do i care.whoop-de-do.its my life,okay.dah la kene reject cause im wearing 'tudung' la.urgh,i was like.wht?x ske girls yg pki 'tudung'.mcm la org pki 'tudung' x blh bergaya right?but,nvm.i've already forget bout him.maybe theres no chemistry between to him,u pnye kwn baik eh.siap ckp dont broke girl heart again.ur friend pandai jaga hati girls ni,ye.not like u.

okay,stop talking just pissed off.oh,i wish i could have a guy that understand me n not judge a book by its cover.oh,i wish i could shift to private school n get a hot guy.haha.just kidding.oh,n im fall in love with white horse song.its so lovely.yeah!theres no agama tmrw so x pyh nk tgk muke meow yg gatal nk mati tu.haha.okay,till then.its already midnight.oh,before i frgt,to him:i will never n ever give u a second chance eventhough u begging me.goodnight guys!

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