Monday, 11 January 2010

i hate you entire of my life

hey n hello tday is the second weeks of there must be a loot n a loot of hw to be done.yeah,im already sick of hw since im still in holiday mood till know.mentang2 dah habis pmr la,i hate form 4's subjects.its hard.add math baru buat 2 qns pun dah strees.physics,chemist n,its too much for me.but,nvm.i will make it easy as abc.

i want to go for tuition at meridian but my parents didnt let me go because of asrama thingy.urghh,wht can i do.i've just to wait for this evening i went for bi tuition at chu li's she showed me some of essay of the form 5 last,their language n everythink was superb superb good n i think i cant do better than that.n chu li also ask me to write an essay just like wht the form 5 have done.urgh,idk how to do that since i always lack of ideas when im writting an essay.n she also want the essay to be long enough.i think i better write now before my ideas gone.

sorry guys,i think thats all for now.idk why nowdays,i always wrote short para.hmm,maybe im too lazy enough right,see u guys later.

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