Friday, 29 January 2010

hey,little shortie!

our last memories together

hey,guys.tday was fun n a sad day.n tday is the last day for hazwani n shazana before they go to sbp.oh,i will miss u guys so much.schl tadi im so lazy to concentrate what the teachers said except add math la since add math a bit hard.oh,after recess tadi we all took our pic at anjung c as memories.nasib baik aimi bawak camera right.thx aimi!then,dah start drama tangisan air mata.haha.n i never thought that t will cry.oh,t.second time we all starting to cry n cry n baby.haha.but,we dont care bout it.nak cakap pun cakap la.then,time bio x masuk class n lepak at bilik guru n baca galaxy mag kat bilik guru tuh.haha.nobody scold us.yeah,even puan muruguama.haha.then,balik.

so after that around 3 pm we went to aladin.n t brought along her camera n video cam.oh,n dapat tengok muka abg,handsome la t macam k.haha.then ontheway to aladin t asked us to act like buat trek selebriti we all buat n sambil tu boleh gelak n gelak lagi.haha.n ontheway we took our pic la video cam la.haha.everybody like watching us.then,sampaila di aladin.n order order n eat eat eat n took pics took pics took pics.

then gerak padang bukit.took pics lagi n video cam lagi.n we sang a lot of songs.lagu cinta terakhir,white horse,kenangan terindah,taubat n many more.oh,after that perigi reflexology kaki la n makan ice cream.haha.tday was fun.n then my mum call n asked to balik rumah since its already 6.30 pm.before that we want to have drama tangisan air mata lagi but x keluar lagi air mata.then when my mum arrived barulah keluar air mata.oh,i hate perpisahan ni.i wish we can go to same school n can gelak sama2 balik.but guys,we can see each other next time right.cuti nanti lepak lagi macam ni nak?oh,im gonna miss u guys a lot.
oh,shaz just text me n she said that farihin will go to tekni sepang this monday.oh,why everybody seems leaving us.farihin,i frgt to say goodbye to u since i x tahu u will be going to teknik this monday.aww,kesian syazmeera aka ning meera.her bff dah pergi teknik.but,nvm syazmeera.u still have us.okay, dad dah balik ni.

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