Monday, 7 June 2010

zip your mouth and listen here


back again n this time 2 weeks at home.YAHOO.haha.i've just got back from johor n melaka for holliday.actually,its not a good holiday to spent time with family bcause its too short n plus my brother not join it.erm,nvm.maybe some other day.wait till faris finish his last spm paper,then we will spent our days going somewhere else.

okay,now after i gone from s4,there's a lot of people changed.idk why these kind of people become like this.n my crush also couple with someone i hate.yeah,i know.he's only my crush.but,but,erm,nvm.zaman dah berubah,right.move on.

this school holidays,i have a lot of thing must be done before school starts.hw,sem,nie n lots more.i dont have enough time actly.i have to manage my time to cmplt all of these things.maybe less online.haha.i think it will never happen.i miss my comp n laptop very everyday i must spent at least an hour online-ing.

ms kinda not addicted to ms right now.maybe some time i will sign up for facebook.i must wait for it till my brother went back home from his rugby match.sorr,i didnt know anything bout fb.if u guys want to tease on me about it,just go on.I DONT CARE.

okay,thats all.oh,i think its not late for me to wish to everybody HAPPY HOLIDAYS,GUYS.take care of yourself during this schl holidays.

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