Sunday, 30 May 2010

a woman's heart is like a fragile

okay,i will going hostel fast,right?yeah,but what can i do.this is my new life.erm, what i said before,i will tell you guys about the teacher's day,right.okay,maybe my story will not gonna be 'gempak' sangat cause im bad telling story.

so d.ben was decorated like 'zaman kesultanan melayu melaka'cause it will be our teacher's day theme for this year.evrything was prepared by the students.not the teacher.n all of our performances are based with the theme.there's this one performance by orang timur that is dikir guys should see how they do it.oh,i also adore the drama.they act like a professional.too bad,i didnt brought any camera.

okay,lets each hroom must give their hroom teacher a present n a for my hroom we bought a pen for our 'papa'.n the potret,erm idk what to say cause it a bit funny.but ami lukis lawa.really really lawa.n siap colour lagi.

okay,thats all.gonna get ready cause i will be going back early tday.see you guys next school holiday.cant ya.

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