Tuesday, 15 June 2010

you can't shake hands with a clenched fist

"the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can go separately
without growing apart"


sorry for not updating guys.been busy.acly not so busy just tried to finish up my hw.plus i've no idea what to write.okay yesterday n today quiet awesome.yeaterday went out with t n zana to mid valley.its been ages i didnt met them.went by lrt n arrived there around 10.window shopping the whole day but i managed to buy long sleeve shirt for asrama thingy n a novel.capture pic here n there using t's slr camera.yeah,welcome to the club.most of ex n student of s4 have their on slr camera like luqman hakim,zulaika,ayna,t,bahim,shaz,hanis n including me.(sorry for those who i didnt mention your name).

okay,back to the story,we captured a lot of pics.then there was toy story meeting with fans session at mid yesterday.we want to take pic with woody n buzz but we saw only children who took pics with them.erm,kan best if we become kids again,right t.haha.so t just took pic from far only.after bout 7 hours e round n round mid valley so we decided to went home.

today we went out again but only to pasar tani n padang.i bought a lot at pasar tani since im craving a lot of food there.otw to pasar tani,we walked beside a house n suddenly a dog bark at us.we were so shocked n melatah.haha.it as funny n happy moments.then went to padang talked n talked n talked.i brought along camera to capture pic but unfortunately i didnt managed to do that since busy chit chatting with the girls.

oh t.i think i will do my fb.you just help me how to use it.oh yeah,i didnt even know ho to use fb.n i didnt care bout it.i know its hillarious right cause even 5 years old girl or boy know how to use fb.what a shame.okay,gtg n gonna sign up fo fb.toddles.

p/s;pics will be uploaded later.

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