Wednesday, 16 June 2010

let the beauty we love become the good we do

"nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise"


doing nothing today.still waiting for t to reply whether want to hangout today or not.erm,woke up late today.12.45pm.really late right cause i slept late last night.around 4 am.

school will start less than one week.hmm,i hate going back to hostel.the will be a lot of tasks to do when going back there.oh n my hw still not finish yet.

okay,now i currently in love with vintage bag.i already asked my dad to buy it for me n guess what.he gave green light.yeah yeah.erm,i think i wanna bought 2 bags since i only got a few bags.

erm,my mum asked me to cut my hair really short.urgh,no way.i only cut my hair a lil bit only not so short.i dont want it.looks really ugly.hmm,i still searching in the internet for the new you guys have any opinion bout what hairstyle should i cut?

my mum is calling me.better get going before she scold me.

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