Wednesday, 9 June 2010

you such a pervert


actually dh nak dekat afternoon dah.haha.woke up late tday.around 9.30 kot.supposed went to jog with haziq but terbangun sorry haziq.dah 3 times janji nak jog kan.

im not taking bath yet.too lazy to take a bath.busuk,kan.haha.but,nvm.sometimes je not slalu.erm,just now kemas wadrobe n finally i found out that i have so many clothes.n sometimes x tahu mana satu nak pakai.i think i want to sell some of it,but sayang la.idk whether want to sell it or keep it.i i sell it i get money n if i keep it,hmm.wht did i get if i keep it.must think it masak2 before sell the clothes or nnt menyesal pulak.

okay,gtg.adik buat hal.

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