Monday, 7 June 2010

stupid is a word for those who give up in anything

haha.actually,its a word that i created for hello.right no im searching for sem project.i already search in the internet but still cant find suitable ones.actually for our team we dont have any topics yet like other teams.yeah,i know its too late for us.but i will try my best to find the topics.

i forgot to ask pn siti's ph really important bcause we want to ask bout this sem all my tgb friends,if u guys have cg siti's ph nmbr,please text me immediatly,thank you.

omg,im so stress right now.a lot of hw must be done.n opal just texted me said that hw for add math has been change.i already half way done for add mathhw.n now its already change.ohmy,wht am i supposed to do.erm,wish could have robots to make all those stuffs.

n yeah,i gain weight.i gain right now my weight is,idk how to have a balanced diet so my weight is maintain.some of u guys might said my weight is suitable with my body.but for not OKAY.make me look more fat n now my jeans so tight even my shirt.what the hell im going to do.i will try my best to lose my weight to 48kg before school starts.thats mean 6 kg going to burn.

okay,thats all for now.

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