Friday, 11 June 2010

life will be meaningless without love


ya,second post for so fuckin' bored right one text me or call me.i need someone to text me.oh,im so desperate right now.anybody?

okay,lets imagine if someday your friend switched on the tv n saw you sang with taylor swift or maybe justin bieber at mtv music awards.what will happen the next day.of course you will be popular right.i mean the whole world saw you sang.n i bet your friend must be screaming the whole day become a pop star,an international,i couldnt imagine that.erm,do you guys change your attitude after being a pop star or a rock star?do you guys want to buy your stuff at GIANT,TESCO or even CARREFOUR?if i asked this to 10 person,i bet 6 of them must say yes,they will change their attitude n no,they will not buy their stuff at such places because it low class n you only buy your things at other country only.

what a you guys even realise that we all are same.the different is our IMAN to ALLAH.thats all.if you guys change your attitude n might be someday your friend will leave you because of your bad attitude or even your parent not care at you anymore,what will happen to you guys realise that?if someday,nobody will not care at you,what will you do.think bout it.yeah at first you guys might say that "oh,nothing will happen to me in future or even the next ten years.everybody loves me like 'everybody loves raymond'," guys should istighfar.

maybe after one day you be popular,okay not logic one day.erm,maybe after a year you be popular n KABOOM!you slowly become hater among your fans.hah,now you have to realise bout it.after that,you dont have any money cause lack of popularities or shows n you broke.your car kene tarik n you house has been sold n even you guys terpaksa pinjam 'along'.

right now i bet you guys might be crying all day long n you regret it n want to returned back to the time before.but nah.keluar air mata darah sekalipun,u cant turn back the i would like to advise to all of you dont ever n ever change your good attitude to bad attitude.appreciate what you already have n appreciate your parents,friends n family.thats all.

okay,im talking crap.haha.sorry if there's any mistake cause im not so good in english.enjoy reading it.oh,if you guys want to comment bout it,just comment.

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