Friday, 11 June 2010

gosh,finally you told me the truth


tday zaf came to house.we're doing nothing cause i had tuition with cg ghani tday.then,around 5.30pm went jalan2 cuci mata tengok banglo2.met shaz,her mom,aimi n farihin at shaz's new house.actually,it still under renovation.but her house was so big n awesome.haha.

talk2 with them while my mum talking with shaz's mum.then,went home.then buka puasa.but i only ate a appetite to eat eventhough there's a lot of delicious dish.

i think i wanna make fb n tumblr.i already made a tumblr last year but im not so active in it.erm,wanna wait till my brother come home this sunday.cant he can teach me how to use it.sorry,i hate to explore anything.

erm,i didnt finish my hw yet.plan to finish it by today.i mean not all hw.just math n add math only so next week i can focused on study.i didnt want to get b for any subject.i want to get a+ so i must work harder this holiday.i hope next sem will be the best sem ever like get 4 flat,a+ every subject,get to lose weight,be in any bkp.hope so.

okay,gtg finish up my hw.

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