Saturday, 12 June 2010

joy is the best makeup

waa love u pipa


so dad just came back home bout 2pm.he bought a lot of chocalates for,its been so long i didnt eat chocalate.i ate only a little cause if i ate a lot my diet plan will be ruin,right.oh,i would like to share bout conversation between me n my lil sis

fifa;waa,ni conteng.
waa;sapa conteng adik?
fifa;mal.waa,mal conteng.pukul mal.pukul mal.
waa;ye,nnt waa pukul.haha

as you can see above,fifa is my lil sis n waa is me.okay,she called me waa not wafa.i was excited cause dia dah pandai cakap eventhough tak la betul sangat.aww,i love her.

move on,erm,im craving blueberry cheese mum asked me to do it by myself instead of buying at kak zah.but kak zah's cheese tart is si freakin delicious.erm,hope my mum can buy it for me.

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