Tuesday, 8 June 2010

rock the world babeyh


okay,i dont want to make my blog dull n like fromal sgt.so i add words that does not mean anything.fine,just move one.

i miss blogging n thats why i post 3 times today.not because of boring but i miss my blogy.haha.okay,im so tired searching for sem.when im searching for something then i found out that it already has been made research.now i have to start again n search again.i hope my effort will make my team win any of the competition.

yeah,pasar tani tmrw.WOHOO.i miss pasar tani.usually before i went to tgb,i will buy nasi kerabu here.its really delicious and make my mouth say WOW.n cakoi,make me go WHOPEE.gosh,i will gain weight tomorrow.erm,skali skala x pa kan.haha.

oh,thanx mum giving the ideas for sem projects.but i still didnt know if the idea has been used or not.erm,nvm.we will search more tmrw.i really tired right now.i need some rest.my eyes gonna close in any minute.better turn off the laptop before my dad mad at me.


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