Saturday, 19 June 2010

a good picture is equivalent to a good deed

"the more i think it over,the more i feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people"

hey,hi,hello guys.

today was a blast.went out to sunway with hanis,aimi,t,eleena,arina n amalina.ate a lot a lot of hot guys.laught a lot today.especially at popular n chicken rice shop.

watch karate kid n the movie was superb.didnt get chance to watch toy story 3.kesian t.haha.met coco.didnt bought anything there cause only bring rm30 to sunway.yeah,sikit je.tgh pokai skrang ni.haha.met haziq n iffah.

went back home around 9pm.lmbt gile right.9 hours spent time at sunway,first time.n thank god my mum didnt get mad at me cause balik lewat.kakak eleena hntr.thx kak sabrina.

erm,thats all.sorry will write more bout it later n pics will be uploaded later.too busy now.try to finish up my hw.

p/s:thx hanis for the souvenir.thx a lot.

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