Tuesday, 16 March 2010

where are you going now

hey.guys.so tday nothing much happen just once kot.tday lepak rumah n tried to finish my hw.yeah,now my math hw finish n there's 8 to go.haha.i love to do my hw last minute.pastu nanti akan kelam kabut la.haha.

so this evening i open up my formspring n tried to search for my old friend,fatin hanani.guess wht.i found her.arghh!finally,right.its been ages i never see,hear or listen anything about her.n im so excited,really excited.so we chat at formspring.ask itu la ini la.maklumla dah lama x jumpa.now she is a novelist.wow,great right.she's still 16 n became novelis already.erm,i hope we can meet each other some day right.


i really miss u n hope we can meet before schl starts or maybe this upcoming long break.hope so.

currently waiting for bull to add me on ms.okay,gtg to finish up my hw.

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fatinhanani said...

awh, thanks babe. i'll update soon okay? i'm so excited to hear about you again. whoa, no words can decribe my feeling. haha.

okay, lets meet. after wait, like maybe 5 or 6 years tak jumpa. i'm so excited.