Sunday, 14 March 2010

the end of the day

hey,like i said before i will tell u guys bout yesterday, lets begin.haha.about 5.30pm,my dad asked me to get ready to go to subang parade.i thought just jalan2 je cause i complained to my dad that im so bored n i need to hangout sometimes.baru balik dah nak hangout.haha.

so arrived there n went to parkson first.the aim is to buy long sleeve t-shirt for me that i will be use it at tgb nnt.then,ibu wanted to buy some makeups at bobbi brown.ibu showed me some makeups but i said its too young for her if she buy that.but the promoter scold me n said "u shouldnt said like that to ur mother.ur mother still young.puan,u just ignore what ur daughter said.she's still young and she doesnt know anything."wtf!u think i dont know bout makeup?go to hell la u want my mum to be like a clown?do u?if u want to sell ur products,so dont talk like that.or anyone doesnt want to buy ur product.

okay,move on.then,turun bawah n ayah brought me to fotokem.haha.dalam hati tengah melompat-lompat kot2 ayah belikan slr camera.n ayah talked to orang jual tu asked which one is more better,canon 1000d,nikon d3000 or lepas bincang semua,ayah bought me an olympus slr camera.yeah,finally kan.haha.the camera quite expensive,lebih bajet.bajet patutnya rm2500 je but lebih pulak.nvm,asalkan not using my money.haha.thx,ayah for this wonderful the next target is handphone!so pujuk ayah lagi next time.i bet my elder brother will be mad at me because i've got anything i want.hahaha.sorry,faris.

erm,faris asked me to buy a mp3 for him but i also want to buy one.haha.mengada-ngada betul we make a deal.all of my siblings kene sumbang rm20 for each of everyone each person got rm100 from siblings je.dah cukup beli mp3.haha

erm,cant wait to see my brother.he's at sarawak right now.cant wait to celebrate his birthday.erm,i think makan dekat tgi friday or tony roma's ke.but must get approval from ayah dulu la.cause dia yang akan mengeluarkan duitnya.haha.erm,ajak ayah pergi ou celebrate la.dapat shopping skali kan.haha.

okay,thats all for no.nak get ready jumpa darlings kejap lagi.bye.

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