Friday, 12 March 2010

dont you know that you hurt my feelings

well,hello finally back after being at tgb for almost 2,i start to fall in love with tgb.haha.the schl was great,friends always make me happy,classmate was superb cool,the teachers are incredible n the seniors are cool.overall i gave 5 stars to the schl but the infrastucture i gave 3 stars only.haha.

okay,i miss my friends a lot.rindu dengar gossip,lepak dengan korang.wish we can hangout this holiday cause next holiday everyone going on a vacation,right.haha.but,this holiday gonna be a tiring holiday cause there's a lot of hw to be done n i think i want to fast this holiday.malas nak puasa kat sklh.haha.n at here i think i became fatter n fatter cause sometimes during supper i will go to cafe n bought either burger or fried rice with fried chicken.gemuk gile la n makan malam2 pulak tu.n lepas makan,tido pulak.

my birthday is coming.haha.there's 16 days left.i will be celebrating my birthday at tgb.oh my,first time sambut woitout family.but i hope my family come on that day n bring cake n some pizza so i can celebrate with my friends.erm,i want new phone for my birthday.hope my dad buy for me.haha.please,ayah!buy one phone for me.n for my mum,i think im gonna ask her to buya new watch for me since the old one macam nak tercabut dah.n my adik2 semua,i will ask them to buy new paris hilton's bag for me.please,guys.i really need new handbag.haha.or maybe u guys should buy new clothes at jaspal or juicy couture or armani exchange ke.haha,desperate nak hadiah.

oh, someone.if u r really interested with me,buatla cara yang betul.why suddenly perangai u dah berubah?is there's anything wrong.or maybe its my fault.if i do something that can hurt ur feelings,i really am sorry.n dont play with girls feeling.they're very sensitive with that.n please remember this,dont broke girl heart again.

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