Saturday, 13 March 2010

is this the way you treat me

afternoon,guys.i really hate him now.layan orang macam sampah je.bila bosan baru text,bila dah huhahuha dgn kawan malas pulak.i hate when someone do that to me.rasa dipergunakan.if malas nak layan,just delete my number,okay n i will delete urs too.

okay,move on.erm,spm!ya,congrats to the straight a's.let me tell u guys bout our schl spm ustaz told us,there were 439 candidates n 191 got straight a's.isnt that good?haha.n 9 of them got straight a+.congrtats.n we managed to beat PC(pengkalan chepa).we got 2nd from all of mrsm.n the first was taiping.urgh,now we have to beat taiping again.hope spm 10/11 got no 1 in malaysia.amin.

so last week,i think la.our ex-senior came to tgb to gave some recipe of his success.his name is abg zamir.he got scholarship to uk from yang dipertuan,he's really good.he teach us to be a better person if we want to sucess in our life.n last tuesday,he came again to gave speech bout to do the scientific investigation n all i know how to do that kind of investigation.haha.

okay,idk wht to write more.tadi dah ingat nak tulis apa but then lupa plk.nnt bila igt balik,i write more,ya.

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