Sunday, 14 March 2010

i really fall in love with you

hello, okay today was the best day ever.the next post i will tell u more.

cant wait for tmrw to lepak with my friends kat giant.haha.i bet u guys must be questioning in your head why asyik lepak giant,aladin,giant,aladin.x de tempat lain lagi ke.sorry,we love that place.that place had so many amazing incredible moments that hardly to forget.haha.but tmrw only just few of my friends came.yang lain balik kampung including shazana.its been so long x jumpa shazana.hope i can meet her this week before school starts again.

erm,there's a lot of hw to be done.i better get on and finish,bye guys.wait for my next post to hear my good news.

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