Sunday, 14 March 2010

can you please be serious

i really am sorry n i hope u can change back to old u.

hey,just wanna to express my feelings to this guy.erm,first he want a serious relationship but i refused it cause e just know each other.but then,he make me like a toy.mainkan perasaan,he dont want to text me or pickup my call.idk why he acted like there something wrong that i've done to u until u become mad like this?

can u tell me wht the problem we can solve it faster.jangan la pendam je dalam hati tu.why suddenly u change?i nak u yang dulu.dulu u lain sangat but skrang u dah berubah.please tell me why u change?

if u still keep on doing like this,just delete my ph no n i will delete urs after this,i will not disturb u anymore n hidup u bebas.seriously,i started to fall in love with u but suddenly u jadi mcm ni n i macam meluat gila dengan u.

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