Sunday, 21 March 2010

nobody can make me smile again except you sorry for not updating my blog quite some too busy to finish up my hw.yeah,theres a lot of hw to be done n im doing it last minute cause before this malas nak right now kelam kabut dah.haha.

yeah,a lot of activities this week n im too lazy to write it.i just write bout yesterday n tday only,okay.sorry.oh,n the photo kat sunway tu sorry i've no time to put it yet.theres a lot of it.


went to my cousin's house to celebrate zaf's n faris' means that birthday party but only family2 je la yang there are so many food.ada pizza,kfc and even mcd too.maknanya,hmpr lengkap mknn fast food.haha.then sang happy birthday song n emi is playing musical instrument apa ntah while his friend is playing the combination sgt power n sedap didengar.then,ate cake.then lepak,tgk pics derong at sabah then balik.ohoh,zaf.sorry that shoes x muat.nnt suruh makngah tukarkan.resit dah jumpa.n thank you so much for the bag n gelang pink tu.thank you.i really love that.zaf,dont forget cakap dkt makcik lela thank you too.haha


went to klgcc today since the swimming pool n bowling area dh bukak.enter je klgcc tu i was like,wow.dh cantik gila la.all the things there really new.the swimming pool really cool n like 7 star hotel.the bowling area like superb cool.lain dari yang lain.theres a bowling for kid ada token2 semua kid boleh main kat situ n x payah nak main tempat orang besar.took some pictures here and there.then went to surau n,really beautiful.kalah 5 star hotel.haha.after that,went to the restaurant.i ordered chicken picatta.the food was nice.the service too but maybe my dad ni pelanggan tetap kat sini so dia layan pun baik punya la.haha.then balik rumah n start online.

thats all.erm,i dont even pack anything yet.too lazy to pack.haha.macam nak duduk rumah je all the time n malas nak balik me.haha.oh,to tasha.sorry wafa x dpt reply ur msg cause im out of credit.oh,happy balik asrama to u bull,tgk la ko bila aku jmpa ko esk.haha.suka buli all my friends,goodluck n tc.i will be back again for anugerah cemerlang,maybe.or i will be back again this 1st may.

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