Monday, 15 March 2010

now i know who you really are

hey,darlings.yeah,tday quite fun n tiring day too.went to sunway around 11am by shazwani's mom.then arrived there,shazwani window shopping at dorothy perkins jap.after that,shazwani asked me and t to go and checked on the ice skating prices.n they go somewhere else.

then,asked t to accompany me to cotton on to buy something for my cousin.but bila fikir balik,kejap lagi baru beli since nak main skate dulu.after that,check price smua n naik atas balik tunngu derong.after they arrived,nampak macam sorok2 something dari belakang.n suddenly hanis saidthis for u,wafa.happy birthday!.they gave me cupcakes from cupcake chic for my upcoming birthday.thank you so much guys.u guys such a wonderful friends.

then,turun utk main skate.this is the first time so all of us macam rusa masuk kampung la.haha.n pakai kasut skate pun macam tah apa2.x betul masuk je ice ring tu,x boleh jalan langsung.memang cuak gila la.haha.pegang handle tu x boleh lepas sampai satu round.haha.n hanis n i screaming like hell.macam jumpa hantu.haha.

lepas satu round,keluar then masuk balik.but time tu,the penjaga wont let us enter cause we're not tighten up our duduk jap,ikat kasut.but that time,there's one guy watching at us n laughing at us cause we dont know how to tighten our shoes.haha.second round ni macam berani sikit la.dah pandai sikit but still jatuh banyak kali jugak.memang nak tergelak pun ada jgk n malu pun ada jgk.haha.but,alhamdulillah,there's a lot of people help us.thank you,guys.

then,jumpa balik guy yang gelak kat kiteorg tu kat ice ring.he said that we dont know how to ikat our he said nanti keluar dia ajarkan.then,kluar je jumpa dia n he teach us how to ikat.thank u.u so kind.really kind.then,sambung balik.jatuh lagi.but this time jatuh,hanis n t.haha.memang baik punya jatuh.haha.

then jumpa baim with his gf.try to call him but his gf seems hate it n siap jeling2 lagi.then,bila dah penat stop.n habis basah lencun kiteorg cause jatuh banyak kali.n our butt still hurt.ouch,really hurt.then,hanis n i went to cotton on first cause t,shaz n farihin still at the ice skating.bought shoes for zaf,bought legging for me.haha.masuk cotton on je mesti beli.x sah kalau x beli.haha.

then went to forever 21 to find hanis'clothes n find my hat for emc.erm,want to buy it but its really expensive.x berbaloi cause im wearing tudung n lepas ni nak bagi sapa right.haha.then went to billabong to buy new bag for me.then balik.lepak rumah hais sampai la pukul 8 baru balik rumah.haha.

thats all.acly,banyak lagi but malas nak cerita cause its too cause the camerawoman is just wait for her.

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