Thursday, 18 March 2010

fatin hanani adnan



hey,so this is fatin hanani.she's my old friend n i already told u guys bout her on my previous post.she's a novelist n maybe she will be at pesta buku u guys can meet her there.i told my mum that i found fatin using formspring n my mum became excited.haha.maybe dah lama x jumpa fatin n her family.haha.

so fatin,hope u success in ur life and in your part time job.haha.n insyaallah,i will buy ur book but sorry idk whts the title n ur pena name.haha.cant wait to meet u again.

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fh said...

thanks sayang. ily. :)
btw, it's Gelagat Si Kembar by Farissa Hany. That's my book. :D