Thursday, 2 June 2011

everything happens for a reason

im back guys.miss me?i just got back from tgb last tuesday.sorry for not updating this kinda lazy.hehe.well,if other government school starts their school hols last saturday but my school starts last tuesday.we have amazing discovery camp.acly the camp is like extra classes.rewind all the form 4 topics.for me,this camp kinda useful.i can learn back all the form 4 topics.

last tuesday we have a bbq night.i only took some food then went back dad pick me up early.he told that nobody will pick me up on wednesday since he have to go to perlis.erm,acly i forgot to say gdbye to my friends.i forgot to hug them.aww,really miss them especially hanie and faqi.i brought a lot of books to home.from buku gemuk to buku dad kinda mad at me because he said that if i brought back the book,i still not studying at home.pfft.ayah,i will study la.i already bukan wafa yang dulu la.

so last wednesday,went out with ibu and adik to sunway.the aim is to buy a lot lot of shirts and dresses and shoes and bags but i only bought one shirt from cotton on.i wanna buy more frm f21 but my mum said no need cause i already have a lot of shirts.oh,damn.those shirt are so pretty.nevermine,i will go back and buy it with my friends later.then,we went to subang parade since ibu wanted to buy her stuff there.i only bought body shop lotion only total spending is below rm150 only.oh,i will make sure that i will get to buy f21 shirts.

erm,i think i've gained weight already.i have to start kinda jealous with skinny people.they can wear anything but still look small and awesome.not like me.i have to find black shirt or dress so that i can look a lil bit skinny.haha.i have to exercise everyday.starting from aim right now is to lose 10kgs more in just 3 months.yeah you can do it,wafa.

as you can see,i already make some changes to my blog.the sparkling cursor,youtube video and the kinda bored with old ones.maybe i will make some changes soon.maybe if im not too lazy to do it.

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