Sunday, 5 June 2011

we live not according to reason but according to fashion

fashion.i bet every girls,woman love fashion right.i started to fall in love with fashion since form started when my bestpren forever,hanis introduced me to seventeen magazine.first,i thought that the magazine will be the most boring ,magazine in the world.but im wrong.seventeen magazine is the most tip top magazine it teaches me all about fashion.from 70's fashion to the new era.

during form 3,i usually went to mall for a window shopping so that i can know the new trend in town but now since im studying at a 'prison',i rarely going window shopping.urgh,hate hostel life.few months more.then,BOOM!im free and and i can be a fashion entreprenuer like kak vivy.

okay,so i wanna ask you guys,what is your fave fashion designer?alexander mcqueen or anna sui or karl name it.for me,i choose hatta dolmat.he is very uh-mazing fashion designer.i really admire him since he entered the project runway malaysia.although he didnt win it,but i think he is the famous person among the finalist.

i love to watch celebrity who wear his preetaayy.i wanna meet him and ask him to teach me being a superb fashion designer like him someday.sometimes,i dream about meeting hatta dolmat and work with him.i hope,this could be true.if i want to work with him,i have to make something so that he can pick me.maybe after spm,i will attend fashion classes.maybe.

mummy daddy,please,let my dream come is my passion.i love fashion more than other things.

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