Tuesday, 10 May 2011

put your hands in the air and laugh out loud

so yeah.based on the title,thats what we do during english period.miss molly asked us to do this.this is actually fadilah's idea.she said that we can relese our stress by doing things.its true.i can relese my stress after study add math by doing this.go on and try people.hehe

erm,im kinda online-ing at psi right now.actually i dont want to online today.i want to study but since i have to do resume,i grab the chance to online right now.hehe.i will not be online again after this cause i have mid term exam next week.bold the word.MID TERM EXAM.its kinda important exam for me and my friends here since we have to get atleast 3.5 and above for our pointer.i hope i can get 3.5 and above.pray for me,guys.

so one week of sem holiday will be taken for pecutan spm.argh,hate that.but nevermine.i have to sacrifice for this year only.next year i dont have to struggle for spm anymore.hee.the pecutan spm start on friday.and the best thing during pecutan spm is bbq night.yeah yeah.i've been wanting for bbq night since last year.yahoo!

okay,i have to go right now.i have to print the resume.oh oh,wish me luck for my mid term exam next week.

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