Tuesday, 28 June 2011

let the world know tjat we can never and ever be separate

its been awhile since i last updated my blog.im sorry for left this blog alone for quirt a long time.i already got my exam marks and png too.erm,it still the same like last year.no improvement.i already tried my hard to obtain high marks in every exam but still couldnt.hope i can get straight a+ for this upcoming pra trial.amin.so pra trial will start soon.less than a month from now.frankly speaking,im not 100 percent ready yet.just 30 percent ready only.but but,it still okay rather not studying at all right?

my life quiet sucks here.i want the time to fly fast.i do not want to stay here anymore.this school will never be my fave school at all instead it will be the worst school i ever been.i cant be free here.i have to follow the stupid damn rules.those rules just ruin my teenage life.i think most of the students here hate the rules too.no dating allowed,no social,wear socks all the time,go to surau early for maghrib prayer and and a lot more.

yeah,i admit that i am the one who want to be here in the first place.that truly because i didnt expect that my life will become worsen here.i should stay at seksyen 4.its better.a lot more better.i can go to tuition and and i can get my life back like before.here,i have to stay here like staying in a prison.no newspaper,no tv and no internet.sucks.

erm,someone had just gave me advice regarding couple-ing.i dont like people to give me such kind of advice.i superb hate that.i know couple is wrong but why you have to make it the biggest issue in this school?when people started to give me advices,i will become moody and sometimes i will curse everyone although there arent guilty.please,let me be myself and dont give me any tazkirah.

i want to go home this weekend.spending my precious time at home.i cant stand to be in here anymore.i dont want to go to enight.i dont want inspection.those things are wasting my time.time is gold guys.erm,im too tired.too tired to study,to wash clothes,to wake up early in the mornig.ibu,take me home.

okay,theres a pros and contra in this school.i admit that this school had change me to become a better person.a better muslim day by day.before this,i always shows my middle finger to the boys that i hate.but when i entered here,i started to stop using that finger  again.i mean,stop showing it to the boys la.hehe.however,i still hate this school.fullstop.

okay,the new bwp will be choosen soon.right now,they were struggling to make manifesto and hanging up their poster so everyone can vote for them.teacher asked us to go to dlaks tomorrow so we can hear their manifesto.but but,im too lazy to go there.i rather sleep in my room than going to hear the stupid things.oh im to lazy to vote for them too.i want the old bwp.they are superb amazing.i dont want the new one.

i think thats all for now.i have to print my sivik folio.i will update more soon okay.

to elmo,
i will be yous forever and ever.

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