Thursday, 9 June 2011

im falling to pieces

good morning guys.
first of all,i dont finish my hw yet.a lot more hw must be done before this sunday.someone,please help me.i dont even touch my sej hw yet.damn.when im gonna finish all of this hw.i dont have enough time.with tuition and lot more activities must be done this week.gosh,wish could have 34/7 a day.

erm,time fly too fast.i have to go back to my so-called prison this sunday.i didnt have time to enjoy during this school holidays.busy studying for spm.pfft.spm sucks.trying to destroy my teenage life.look at other countries.they still can enjoy not like us cause they dont have this big examination.bhaha.

okay,i started to miss my friends right tgbian friends.usually every morning,we will have our breakfast together and and going to rocall tgthr too.and and going to surau for maghrib and isyak im alone alone,pray alone and and studying alone.oh,guys.i really miss all of you.

oh oh,i miss ds too.some of you might be wondering what ds right?ds is dewan selera.haha.i miss the food urm so so duh-licious.ayam goreng halia,nasi ayam,ayam paprik,roti canai and the most duh-licious food ever is mushroom soup.argh,im feeling hungry right craving for mushroom soup.ibu,buatkan mushroom soup for wafa eh this breakfast.hee.

okay.gonna off.i have tuition tomorrow.physic and add math.physic start at 10 am till 1 pm.3 hours man.then add math start around 3pm till 5 pm.bye.

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